Children and Young People

Hypnotherapy and Coaching for children and young people


One of the things I most enjoy about my work is helping children and young people.  I love to see them let go of worries and anxieties and see them build up their self confidence again.

As parents, want the very best for your child and so I include you in their treatment which may mean inviting you in to the therapy room if this makes your child more comfortable and you feel reassured.

Children usually respond very well to Hypnotherapy because they are able to use their often vivid imaginations very well!  When treating your child I may use stories, adventures such as Minecraft™, their favourite character from a TV programme or they may meet their favourite hero who will help them.  I find that children easily accept these ideas and if it is meaningful to them, then their treatment is more effective.

What sorts of problems do I typically see children for?

Some problems are very common and, depending on the cause, usually respond very well to Hypnotherapy:
Bedwetting, General anxiety, Separation anxiety, Fears and Phobias, particularly fear of dogs being the most common, I also work with students who are experiencing Exam Related Stress, School bullying, Thumb sucking, Nail biting and various compulsive habits, Childhood Tics and Tourettes, Selective eating, Selective Mutism, Anger problems, Lack of confidence and Poor Self-esteem.

Please contact me to find out how I can help your child or young person if you are not sure.

How does Hypnotherapy work with children?

I use a similar process to the work I do with adults but try to actively engage their minds. During a session they may have their eyes are open and wriggle around a lot - this is perfectly normal!  I use their imagination, metaphors and stories which are age-appropriate, I also match them to your child's interests, attention span and personality.  I have experience of working with children with difficulties such as ADHD and children on the Autism Spectrum and so am able to take this into account when preparing a treatment plan for them.


Do you support us in between sessions?

I will provide you with a tailor-made MP3 recording for use at home which is included in the price of a session.

Your child can listen to this between sessions - bedtime is usually a good time and the more they do this, the more effective the result of the sessions.  It will help them to drift off to sleep calmly and peacefully and reinforces the work we have done together.  I will sometimes give homework that you and your child can do together to reinforce the work we have done in session.

Are you the right Hypnotherapist for my child?

I believe so!  I have over 20 years training and experience of working with children in education and am a member of the UK’s largest Professional Association for practising hypnotherapists, the General Hypnotherapy Register.